Cool Girls Dont Need Concealer

I have battled with dark under eye circles since birth. I literally came out of the womb looking like I had been partying hard and hitting the whiskey bottle for the whole 9 months in utero.  For me dark circles are genetic gifted to me by my Maltese heritage. They have been with me my whole life and if they disappeared tomorrow I would actually miss them.


For the longest time I tried every new miracle eye cream that came on the market promising results. They didn’t work.  I placed many cucumbers, potatoes and tea bags on my eyes. I drank litres of water and ate carrots. Took herbs. Slept 15 hours only to be told the next day I look tired.

I also tried every concealer and color corrector under the sun. And yes I did even try the pinterest red lipstick under eyes trick. Major fail.  I googled surgery’s and filler options and skin bleaching. I’ve even had make up artists sweating in attempts to conceal these shadows. But the bags under my eyes are as stubborn as myself. And never budged an inch away.

And you know what I actually came to love them. After reading a life changing vogue article – on why french girls don’t wear concealer and wear their bags under their eyes like badges of honour.  I came to realise that like all things considered ugly therein lies actually beauty.

When I feel bad I imagine the circles under my eyes makes me looks mysterious. I know they have many stories. I embrace them in a way that they make me look like I am all rock n roll and not boring. They add character to my face and interest that I wouldn’t give up for anything. I am blessed with pretty good skin so why complain.

I don’t wear too much make up in general especially in summer. I do occasionally use a light concealer to blend with my foundation but honestly it doesn’t cover much and never has. So why bother wearing it.

The only things I have personally found that helps with the darkness is mostly the sun in summer. Having even a light tan helps reduce the shadows and even out my skin tone. And also using a netti pot to keep my sinus clean and clear.

But as for expensive creams and concealers – don’t waste your money. Learn to love your dark circles and if all else fails wear sunglasses.