A Vulgar Woman

Vulgar: tasteless, gross, crass, unrefined, tawdry, ostentatious, flamboyant, over-elaborate, overdone, showy, flashy, gaudy, garish, brassy, kitsch, tinselly, flaunting, glaring, brash, loud, harsh

The word vulgar has been used in this society as a derogatory slur against women for doing nothing different to what any man does. The word vulgar is often used as an insult to describe feminists. A women who is a little louder. A woman who is funnier than a man.  A woman who is forthright. Who is uncaring about how she is seen.  Has an off colour sense of humour. Unconventional. It’s basically used to describe a woman non favourable who acts like a man.  Instead of someone who is probably really funny and believes in gender equality and maybe likes wearing daytime sequins.

Id rather be called the “C” word then be called vulgar by either a man or a woman.

This whole idea that a woman has to act feminine is as alien to me. Any femininity committed by me is purely accidental as in I am a female and cisgender. I like dresses and shoes but I also like fishing and dirty jokes and toilet humour.

I mean I would never ask my partner to stop listening to my emotions or not to express his naturally. Just because he is a man and should be unfeeling and unemotional. Should I call him a pussy for cooking me dinner? Why is a man applauded for being in touch with his feminine side? Why do men get to be labelled evolved for acting in a more female gender traditional role. But if a woman does she is easily labelled vulgar? No one is extolling me for my awesome collection of “your mom” jokes.

It’s true men can also be called vulgar but it seems to me without the venom and hate behind it when women are called vulgar. It’s an especially ugly word said to make a woman feel particullary ugly. As in not pretty.

I personally know NO vulgar woman. I know woman who can drink like a sailor. Women that make me laugh. That are spirited. That are confident. That are just themselves. And I love all of them.