I am back after a long winter hibernation. We fully adulted up and got our first little home out on the edge of Vienna. Although I adored living in the 4th district of Vienna for 5 years we came across this lovely little townhouse that was too good to give up.

What started as a minor cosmetic renovation turned into a full gut renovation and a big debt in a blink of an eye. What did I learn the last few months renovating is super expensive and I am in love with design. Out went the hours of online dress shopping and in went the hours of online light fixture, grout options and paint colours.

Originally we planned to re paint and sand back those blonde pine floors and re stain them. But the previous owners stamp of Austrian 1990’s bad design choices done a budget were too ugly to live beside. And all of a sudden walls were coming down. Open plan living and load bearing were hot topics. New flooring. Recessed lighting happened. And I pretty much lived in almost every OBI & Hornbach in Vienna.

So now for the big reveal my favourite room of the house. The kitchen.


As you can see the yellow walls and light floor and those green tiles were a major eyesore. The Kitchen was walled in separate to the living space. So we knocked down a whole wall and it was fun and dirty. But not at all in a sexual way.



By opening up the wall we were able to fit in a huge island which I am so in love. We ran all of the cabinetry along the existing wall, making the kitchen open and larger. We painted all the walls throughout this colour grey.


The kitchen is the IKEA Bodbyn cabinets.  I am super happy with the quality of the ikea cabinets although I will say planning this kitchen took a lot of work and many hours.

kitchen 4.jpg

I have waited my whole life for white subway tiles and a farmhouse sink and I love them more than pistachio ice cream. The sink and faucets are from ikea and is so big I could bathe a miniature pig in it if I had one.. The subway tiles are from OBI.


I wanted a moden cottage vibe with a touch of industrial.  Can I just say again I love subway tiles.


So now it’s complete I have to start cooking again. Eeek. I just want to look at its pretty face and order pizza for now.

More rooms to be unveiled shortly.

ps- I missed blogging.