Stevie Nicks Style

I have a total fashion boner for kimonos at the moment. I want to dress like a kung fu geisha. I want a beach kimono. A jaquard kimono. A dragon kimono. A lace black and a lace white kimono. Many silk kimonos.


One of my biggest fashion icons is Steve Nicks the queen of rock n roll. And she wore a kimono better then them all.


Stevie Nicks the frontwoman of British bluesy rock band Fleetwood Mac. As a style icon she is the perfect mix between Bohemian and rock n roll style. I even designed my necklace around her infamous crescent moon necklace.


Sometimes it’s not about how it looks – its all about how you feel wearing it and Stevie Nicks wore the hell out of clothes. For more Steve Nicks stardust fashion folk goodness check out my pinterest board for inspo.

Crystal Rose

I call this look momma crystal rose look. Its has everything I love. A floral bed jacket. A hippie printed scarf. A lace little black dress. Crystals & a bib of silver bohemian style necklaces.  This look alternates between 50-year-old chain-smoking interpretative dance instructor to minus the stockings Coachella. And I love the mixture.


The pyjama top/jacket is a new item in that I picked up for €4.00 at the second-hand shop.  I am loving the night wear look all day at the moment.


Second hand shopping is a great way to try out a new trend without breaking the bank before you decide you are into it. A couple of bucks can go a long way in updating a look super easy.


The scarf is also vintage but I have owned it for a long while.  I seem to dig it every spring and let it have a moment.


Necklaces are an assortment of an old tree of life coin necklace I purchased well over 10 years ago. I miss that store. A forever21 cheapie and my homemade crystal on a silver chain. I can’t stop layering necklaces even if they are bigger type pieces.


And lastly the ring is homemade by myself. You can read all about here


Summer Wishlist

The Three B’s of Summer. Beach, Bar & Barbecue. I cannot wait for the weather to finally get warmer. My Summer 2017 forecast trend wise Includes a lot of gold jewelry.  Rose gold everything especially sunglasses. Embellished sandals, Straw hats and handbags. Lingerie day wear. Kimono’s and white swimsuits.

But back to gold jewelry let me introduce to you AUrate jewelry. Pronounced Or-ate as in a verb to tell a story. I am obsessed not only because their jewelry is all stunningly gorgeous 14 & 18 karat gold. All materials are ethically sourced. They purchase all diamonds and pearls from conflict-free regions. Crafted in New York City and to top it all off every time a jewelry piece is purchased an economically underprivileged child will receive a book.

The best thing is that their jewelry is a fair price. I know a thing or two about a ring or two jewelry wise. Jewelry prices are notoriously inflated. But Aurate has fair prices to my eyes especially considering the unique design and quality.

So you will never have to feel bad about spoiling yourself with jewelry ever again.

beach banner.jpg


White swimsuit is my number one summer priority right now. Along with finding a pair of vintage Levi 501’s to cut off ad make sweet cherry pie shorts out of.  Gold gold and more gold. Straw and silk and pom poms.



Gold. Rose gold. Burnt amber. Rose eyeshadow. Neutral nails and a tan. Diamonds always. And fringe people FRINGE.



Clean & crisp. Yellow gold. Blue stripes and a basket. Dainty, light earrings like these are perfect for any summer outfit.


Aurate Long Bar Necklace La Perla Camisole Sam Elderman Gretchen Sandal LancômeSoleil Protective Cream SPF30 Aurate Stackable Rings Eugina Kim Bunny Leave A Message Hat Aurate Rose Gold Bar Necklace Hat Attack Gypset Bag ERES Les Essentiels Asia swimsuit Rag & Bone Distressed Denim Shorts


Aurate Crossover Necklace RayBan Copper Flash Sunglasses Aurate Diamond Bar Square Ring CHLOÉ Marcie Mini Bag Essie Sand Tropez CHLOÉ Suede Sandal Alice McCall Are You Ready Girl Mini Dress


Aurate Gold Disk Necklace Bobbi Brown Beige Shimmer Wish Eyeshadow
Aranaz Circolo Tote Aurate Half Moon Earrings Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum
Aurate Asymmetric Pearl Ring
Arizona Natural Leather in Metallic Copper
Alexis Briley Ruffle Mini Dress

Apartment Therapy Kitchen

Second to fashion – interior decorating is my second love. Just ask my pinterest. I literally can’t spend a length of time in a space without making it my own. Even as a child.  I have decorated every cubicle or office I have ever worked at. I redecorate hotel rooms i stay in. Before I even unpack I place my things in hotel rooms that make me happy. I have taken hideous art off hotel walls and hid them under hotel beds. I once rolled up an ugly hotel room rug and hid it in a closet. It’s a compulsion. I need to claim my space and fill it with things that I think have beauty and make me happy. My home tops that list of spaces and here is a glimpse of what makes me happy.

kitchen main1.jpg

My 80sqm flat in Vienna does not give me a lot of designing decorating space. Coming from Australia I am used to larger living quarters but Europe comes with a price and that price is space. Luckily we live in an altbau (an old building) And have beautifully old ceilings that make it fell larger. But I don’t actually mind small spaces. I find them womb like but I would die for an extra room or perhaps a balcony. Starting with my kitchen which also doubles as my office and art space. I do way more work or creating in this room then I do cooking.


Since I work from home. The dining table is mostly used as a desk for myself. And I sit facing this window most of the time I spend at home. Which is actually a view into my next door neighbours bedroom. Thank god the blinds are always closed. The radiator is covered in magnets because my fridge is integrated into the cabinets. And a kitchen isn’t a kitchen without many magnets.

kitchen 5.jpg

So despite the awesome view I have decorated almost every inch of this space with things that inspire creativity and happiness for me.  I have art on every wall.  A pinboard of memories and images and tickets and postcards. I am NOT an indoor plant person but I love a branch with some tissue pom pom flowers. My nod to nature. I have my easel. Paints and paintbrushes. A chalkboard. And bunting! And other boring kitchen stuff that is functional.


My kitchen has a vintage vibe its bright and colourful. And it inspires some of my best work sometimes. I would love to one day have a wall of metal that acts as a giant magnetic board and I can fill every inch of it. Also I would love some subway tile. An exposed brick wall and a chalkboard door.


By Vienna standards we are lucky to have a larger type kitchen that can fit a dining table. There is no open plan living in this hundreds of year old building. But its nice to have the kitchen in a room of itself as it creates a separate space for me. As we have a one bedroom apartment. So this is the room I make the most magic in, apart from the sex I have in my bedroom. It’s a work in progress ever-changing and updating but mostly adding. The kitchen decorating that is – not the sex. I have gone way off topic.


The kitchen table is from Butlers. The table is no longer available but it’s part of their cabbot cove collection and I have plans to add perhaps this kitchen buffet hutch soon to increase much-needed storage. And now I need a new table because I just saw this Damn it.


Da Denim Tuxedo

I couldn’t love a denim on denim any more than Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake once loved each other. Call it a Canadian tuxedo or double denim. Whatever you want to call it I am in love with it.


The trick with denim on denim I think is to pair differing shades of denim. Whiter shades of denim draw attention while darker shades of denim are more slimming.

bluejean2 copy

Denim is also way better when it’s distressed. Ripped and faded denim is even better than normal denim. Distressed denim is the best denim.


Dont be afraid to dress up a denim on denim look. A luxe shoe is perfect for this look. Or add a bright bag or a bold lipstick.


Keep the accessories small for a more modern look. And denim on denim away. Everyday.