Simple Stripes

I have been AWOL for a while caught up in the whirl of end of summer which means trying to cram in every last outdoor thing I can think of. Which includes strolls around the back streets of the city and eating a lot of frozen yogurt.


This is the easiest outfit ever. Simple stripes in some major OVERSIZED mens shirt I picked up from a secondhand shopping spree i wrote about here.


Cool, easy and super comfortable paired with my favorite Birkenstocks and some basic gold jewelry.


This shirt also doubles well as pajamas which is an awesome perk. Or a swimsuit cover up or a knotted shirt. It’s the shirt that keeps on giving.


Fingers crossed y’all for an Indian Summer.


Summer Reading List

With no ocean in Vienna Summer is time for straight up pool side chilling. And apart from a cool drink what every poolside person needs is a good book to relax back with while you soak up some of the summer rays. Here is my top summer picks so far.



Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

fates-and-furies.jpgLauren Groff presents the story of one such marriage over the course of twenty-four years. Exploring the theme that even two people who live together intimately can end up feeling they hardly know each other. First half of the novel is told by the husband and the second half by the wife. Exploring the theme that there is always 2 sides to one story.

When you find out the world is against you by Kelly Oxford

when-you-find-out-the-world-is-against-you_1.jpgTwitter celebrity Kelly Oxford is known for her hilarious tweets about motherhood and life. A funny and honest collection of essays and observations surrounding parenthood, anxiety and even politics. An easy read but to be honest I was a little disappointed as I was expecting much more from this book after reading her first novel – Everything is perfect when you’re a liar. Which I absolutely loved.

Too fat, too slutty, too loud the rise and reign of the unruly woman by Anne Helen Petersen

too-fat-too-slutty-too-loud_1An analytical look at how female celebrities are pushing boundaries of what it means to be an “acceptable” woman.  Thoughtfully written and thought-provoking  look on female celebrity and feminist culture.

A Little Thing Called Life By Linda Thompson

162594.jpg God knows I love a memoir. Linda Thompson is a completely uninteresting woman of no real merit but the fact she dated and lived with Elvis Presley and later married Bruce Jenner was just to tempting it was begging for me to read. I loved the first part of the book that chronicled her relationship with Elvis Presley and what life was like at Graceland from there it kind of went downhill but an easy poolside guilty read for anyone.


Happy Summer reading.

Cool Girls Dont Need Concealer

I have battled with dark under eye circles since birth. I literally came out of the womb looking like I had been partying hard and hitting the whiskey bottle for the whole 9 months in utero.  For me dark circles are genetic gifted to me by my Maltese heritage. They have been with me my whole life and if they disappeared tomorrow I would actually miss them.


For the longest time I tried every new miracle eye cream that came on the market promising results. They didn’t work.  I placed many cucumbers, potatoes and tea bags on my eyes. I drank litres of water and ate carrots. Took herbs. Slept 15 hours only to be told the next day I look tired.

I also tried every concealer and color corrector under the sun. And yes I did even try the pinterest red lipstick under eyes trick. Major fail.  I googled surgery’s and filler options and skin bleaching. I’ve even had make up artists sweating in attempts to conceal these shadows. But the bags under my eyes are as stubborn as myself. And never budged an inch away.

And you know what I actually came to love them. After reading a life changing vogue article – on why french girls don’t wear concealer and wear their bags under their eyes like badges of honour.  I came to realise that like all things considered ugly therein lies actually beauty.

When I feel bad I imagine the circles under my eyes makes me looks mysterious. I know they have many stories. I embrace them in a way that they make me look like I am all rock n roll and not boring. They add character to my face and interest that I wouldn’t give up for anything. I am blessed with pretty good skin so why complain.

I don’t wear too much make up in general especially in summer. I do occasionally use a light concealer to blend with my foundation but honestly it doesn’t cover much and never has. So why bother wearing it.

The only things I have personally found that helps with the darkness is mostly the sun in summer. Having even a light tan helps reduce the shadows and even out my skin tone. And also using a netti pot to keep my sinus clean and clear.

But as for expensive creams and concealers – don’t waste your money. Learn to love your dark circles and if all else fails wear sunglasses.



Classic Summer Style

Sometimes simple is best. Nothing beats a crisp shirt, distressed denim and a pair of converse for an everyday casual but still classy look. Perfect for strolling around on Sundays when I took these great pictures by Belvedere castle in my district of Vienna.

belevedere 5.jpgbelvedere1belvedere3

I am in love with gold jewelry for Summer. It is my favorite precious metal mostly because it suits my skin tone better than silver, rose or white gold.



My Converse have officially reached the perfect desirable lived in level. I give them one more season maybe until they just turn gross and gritty.


Great thing about this outfit is that the shirt & shorts were all purchased 2nd hand for under €10 The shirt was actually found in the mens section which is always a good place to look for shirts that aren’t too fitted and girly. I like to shock people when they compliment me on an outfit by saying how little the whole look costed. Kind of a reverse bragging. Proving sometimes it’s not about what you spend but how you put things together and wear them.


My Heart Is With The Sea

Nothing makes me feel more like myself than the sea. And what an ocean it was on my vacation to Hvar Croatia. Being Australian I am used to beautiful beaches and clear waters but nothing I had ever seen before compared to the Adriatic coast line. The water was the most beautiful blue and the green it felt like swimming in a giant swimming pool.



I ordered this dress online a few months ago from Asos and was saving it for my vacation. Great thing is its on SALE right now!!!!! It is such a pretty swimsuit cover up i felt like a mermaid who was getting married.  The white swimsuit is also from Asos and I highly recommend it for any large bust gals looking for a white swimsuit this season.


I truly fell in love with Croatia and can’t wait to go back next Summer.

Dress here

Swimsuit here