Fall Fashion Picks

Let’s face it Summer is over. With a new season comes new looks. The one advantage of living in Vienna Austria is you must have at minimum 2 wardrobes preferably 4 wadrobes. With the seasons actually being seasons there is not many ways to wear a tank top in fall. Or sandals in winter. A down jacket in spring. Unlike Australia where a 90% of your closet can be worn year round.


Fall Faves.jpg

So each season I like to create a new look for myself and my wardrobe. I will pick a few key trends and work my way towards them. Or fit existing pieces from past seasons into this look.  I will also shop with a purpose towards these peices and try not to get to distracted by something with sequins. This works particularly well with second-hand shopping. Which is a great way to update your look each season without breaking the bank.

Right now I am on a second-hand hunt for the perfect check blazer which really shouldnt be too hard to find a cool version of.

My top picks for this fall

Camel Coat– is trending so hard right now. The perfect mix of casual & smart. A classic.

Guns & Roses Tshirt– I picked up this gem at Mango last week & its my everything right now. And for 20 euros you can’t go wrong. I cant wait to wear it with under a blazer.

Red Aigner Bag– Red is everywhere this season. I particularly love red accessories. I actually had a phase in my life years ago where I wore red every day. I was obsessed. I have had my eye on this bag forever & ever. And one day it will be mine.

Wide leg Jeans– I want nothing to do with skinny jeans at the moment. The only denim i currently want is something in a light wash with raw hems and a relaxed fit.

Red Booties– Because this is the perfect pop of colour with a great 80’s feel.

Victorian Lace Blouse– I have been searching for a great version of this for ages. I want a super high neck version. Worn under a blazer or a light coat. With red lipstick.

Check Blazer– Probably the it piece right now. Like I said I am hoping to find a vintage beauty second-hand. I’ll keep you posted.

Ray Ban Round Metal Sunglasses– I used to own this exact pair. I had them for a year or two until i lost them. I blame the tequilla. When i lost them i replaced them with the classic aviator but my love for these sunglasses hasn’t died and i want my old friend back.





Thin Hair Tips

I often joke that I wish my thighs were as thin as my hair. But no cruel nature blessed with a headful of thin dishwasher colored hair and thick juicy thighs instead. Its been my cross to bear. My hair has always been thin and fine even as a child but the older I get the thinner my hair seems to get. Hair dressers used to tell me that yes my hair was thin but there was a lot of it. Now hairdressers just look at me with pity & reach for the volumizing spray.

How I envy girls with long thick hair that looks like it could be used for nautical rope if need be. And while I don’t take any magic hair pills because I think it’s snake oil and basically I am too lazy to swallow a pill every day I have learnt a few tricks on how to best deal with a case of thin/thinning fine hair.


My star sign is a Leo the lion and my hair has always been my mane. As much as I love long hair I had to accept that my hair looks much better shorter in length. Anything too long adds too much weight. The advantage of shorter or medium length hair is that it is so much lighter and will afford you the opportunity to get a bit of volume and va va voom that long hair just wont create. This doesn’t mean you have to chop off all your hair like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s baby. Opt for a bob or lob which can still be styled.


Secondly styling wise there are a few things I do to avoid my hair looking limp and lacklustre. I always use a shampoo & conditioner specifically for fine hair. I rarely ever use conditioner on my roots and concentrate more on the ends.

With styling if blowdrying I always dry my hair upside down to begin with and then flip side to side to get some more volume up in there.

If you have fine hair dry shampoo is your best friend as it will thicken the very root of the hair. I never use a serum except occasionally on the ends. I also could not live without a volumizing powder which I put on the roots and ends of my hair for some texture. Also a new trick I just learnt thanks to You Tube is to use a toothbrush to slightly tease your hair at the part for a little lift.

messy hair.jpg

I love a middle part. My hair parts naturally in the middle and I adore a seventies centre part more than life itself – But- for thin or fine hair a centre part can just draw attention to a sparse hairline. Parting your hair on the side will give your hair much more volume and can even disguise fine hair into something fuller. Just be careful not to create a Donald Trump esque comb over.

I do wear my hair sometimes in a centre part still but a cool little trick is to use a little brow powder at the hairline to colour in any patches. Just like you would filling in your eyebrows.


My last tip is my general hair philosophy. Keep it messy.  Frizzy hair hell yeah. Static can be a thin hairs girls best friend. The more tousled and bed headed the better. I do this sometimes using a straightener to get beachy waves or putting my wet hair up in a bun until it dries. But most of the time I basically just mess it up by tossing and turning and waking up out of bed. Forget the dead straight shampoo commercial hair. The messier my hair the thicker it looks.

Anyone else has any other tips on thin hair or worries they may be bald at 50 let me know.

Us skinny hair sisters must stick together.

Fall Transitions

It’s officially sweater weather. The weather is definitely getting way cooler and one minute your cold and the next minute your warm. Making getting dressed in the morning a nightmare.


My go to in Fall is to cling to skirts and dresses for as long as I can. My way to do this without getting too cold is to add some boots and some light knits.


Although Fall is far from my favourite season as its way to close to winter I do like dragging out leather skirts and jackets as a change to simple summer cottons.




Malta Outfit Vol 2

Fresh from the salt water & sun and dressed in all white. No make up on & wet salty hair. Thats when I feel the best in my skin. Almost akin to being reborn. There is something about the ocean and the sun that feels very calming and cleansing to me like nothing else does.

Image 1.1.jpg

I love to dress in all white. It’s so simple & chic and my go to color come Summer.  I am also adoring these playful frill sleeves on this simple white H&M top. A pair of simple white shorts and old school flip-flops for a total vacation feel. It’s so funny I used to wear flip flops everyday to work living in Byron Bay now I only get to wear them poolside or at the beach.

Image 1.3.jpg

There is so many great things to be said of Malta & I am planning a post soon. But there is also a lot to be said for travelling and taking holidays. When I lived in Australia we lived about 5 minutes drive away from one of the worlds best beaches. The weather was mild and the location slow and peaceful. Sure vacations were always a nice thing. But it wasnt a necessity. Living in Vienna & a oceanless Austria. The busy hustle. The brusque people. The colder weather. One NEEDS to take a vacation here for general sanity.

Image 1.2.jpg

So with great hesitation I think I am able to move into fall and say a very reluctant goodbye to summer. I went out with a bang and now its time to embrace the new season hopefullu not dragging and screaming

Malta Photo Diary

I am actually a first generation a half Maltese Australian. Who now lives in Austria. Quite a mouthful. My father’s family immigrated from Malta to Australia when he was a just a boy. And until this trip I had never visited this beautiful little island in the middle of the Mediterranean. I was not disappointed. I am the first to admit I was very camera happy the whole vacation and thought id share my photos with you.

Image12   Image11

The old weathered textured brightly painted doors set in stone buildings are everywhere and are so charming.

Image2   Image9

This water is everything & I am sure I will be dreaming about it all Winter long. These photos were taken at the blue lagoon you can only reach by boat. While the location is very crowded as was most beaches the water is truly amazing. Although there is no sandy beach to lie upon the water-bed is sandy. The most sandy best beach I have visited in Europe thus far.

Image6   Image16

I even found a street sign in Mdina with my name on it. If you grew up a Carmel that is not very common. If you are ever in Malta you must see the fortified city of Mdina. This is where they have shot scenes from games of thrones. It is like walking back in time.


This car is so cute. I snapped this on a day trip to Valletta the capital city. Valletta was a great place to visit but I am glad we stayed in the smaller quieter village of Mellieha on the northern end of the island. Which had a more coastal relaxed feel.


The town church in Mellieha. We were lucky enough to be in Malta for Victory day and the commemoration of the birth of the Virgin Mary. Which meant a week-long of festivities including a walking full orchestra and fireworks every night for hours upon hours all centered around the above church.

Image10    Image17

This water. It looks like a bounty commercial. I grew up on some of the worlds most beautiful beaches but the blue of the Mediterranean is truly astounding.


Did I mention this water. Photo snapped on the ferry over to Gozo. If I were to visit Malta agin I would probably choose to stay on Gozo. It was the most uncrowded and quietest place we visited.


Image21   Image15

More water. I am a mermaid. Oh and the pastitzi’s. I grew up on my grandmothers pastitzis. They are truly the best snack around. A traditional savoury pastry from Malta. Pastizzi usually have a filling either of ricotta or mushy peas. My favourite was the ricotta and the best thing they cost only 40 cents! In fact it was the first thing we basically did upon arriving got pastitzis. I ate a minimum of two every day we were there.



Back home. Major sad face. Good news is the good thing about living in Europe is that almost everything is only a short plane trip away.