Outfit: Winter Blues

It’s starting to get mighty chilly in Vienna this week. And knowing that there is only more coldness to come I decided to wear the last of a late summer outfit while I still could.


A simple shirt & jeans and a dirty pair of converse would usually be a late summer fall outfit but by adding a coat, a wool scarf and a cosy vest singlet underneath I managed to stay a toasty warm and avoid another sweater. Because sweater after sweater day after day can be so boring and claustrophobic for someone who likes a little variety and lightness in their clothes.


How about these converse. Too dirty? Or just dirty enough? Did I mention that 90% of my closet is in storage. And in a fit of trying to pack light I decided to 2 pair of shoes would be enough for what will be  now till the end of the year. And all my winter boots & shoes are in a box under a pile of probably 20 other boxes. 2 pairs of light type shoes in November & now December? What was I thinking?





Malta Outfit Vol 1

Malta, Malta, Malta. Back from vacation feeling refreshed, recharged & ready to enter into fall & winter. We had such a great time and loved the country. The colors of the doors and walls are painted such brilliant colors which made the best backdrop in contrast to this dress.



I actually bought this dress for a steal at the end of July at TK Maxx to wear to a good friends wedding set in the vineyards of Vienna. I knew the weather was going to be extremely hot on the wedding day and wanted something loose and light but also elegant for a casual August wedding.



I also knew it would be a great dress to go for a nice dinner on a beach type holiday. It literally is so loose and stays so cool it almost feels like you are wearing nothing. And the deep coral color is so summery and fun.


Styled with my favourite spell design bag from Byron Bay and a pair of rose gold Birkenstocks for a super relaxed look.

Simple Stripes

I have been AWOL for a while caught up in the whirl of end of summer which means trying to cram in every last outdoor thing I can think of. Which includes strolls around the back streets of the city and eating a lot of frozen yogurt.


This is the easiest outfit ever. Simple stripes in some major OVERSIZED mens shirt I picked up from a secondhand shopping spree i wrote about here.


Cool, easy and super comfortable paired with my favorite Birkenstocks and some basic gold jewelry.


This shirt also doubles well as pajamas which is an awesome perk. Or a swimsuit cover up or a knotted shirt. It’s the shirt that keeps on giving.


Fingers crossed y’all for an Indian Summer.

10 Random Facts About Me

10 random facts about me. I am a chronic over sharer. I have a low threshold for shame and privacy so this post comes super easy for me. My favourite topic to talk about is also myself so right up my alley.


  1. I am scared of the following animals cats, chickens & horses. I could have never been any kind of farmer. But I love all dogs.
  2. I have a security pillow I like to cuddle more than my boyfriend. The pillows name is PILL PILL.
  3. My favourite foods are snacks.
  4. I can’t go to sleep without moisturising my feet at night.
  5. I don’t really like wine.
  6. My favorite nail polishes are essie. For summer -sand tropez & for winter -bordeaux.
  7. I backpacked all over Australia in my early 20’s.
  8. I like to stay up late at night.
  9. I prefer handbags over shoes.
  10. I used to work on an island in the great barrier reef.


Expat Tales

I moved to Vienna Austria from Mullumbimby Australia exactly 4 years and 7 months ago and 3 days. Actually I don’t know how many days it has been. I made that bit up. But I know it has been  4 years and 7 months.

Mullumbimby Australia is a 10 minutes drive to the well-known town of Byron Bay. Byron Bay if you will imagine is like any hippie counter-culture town you can think of. Think  VW vans, hash cookies, drumming circles and beautiful beaches. And there is no 2 locations more unlike than Byron Bay, Australia to Vienna, Austria. Continue reading