Just Peachy

Summer is finally here and I am feeling just peachy.  Vienna is almost a whole different city in Summer. It;s like the whole city collectively comes outside again to enjoy the open air and parks and plazas.

prachy final.jpg

So I grabbed the prefect loose dress for a 30 degree day to stroll around town and eat ice cream. This peachy dress is Mango from a few seasons ago, but I think its pretty timeless.

IMG_8407 copy.jpg

It has the prettiest shoulder embroidery and I am obsessed with this muted peachy orangey pink pallete lately. It’s also loose and forgiving for maximum ice cream consumption.

peachy copy

Also new in finally are my new favourite summer sandals. The Arizona Birkenstocks in metallic copper.  I am a Birkenstocks girl from way back when and love to wear them in an ageing hippie ironic way. I also have a very delicate foot from years of high heels in my hooker days ( thats a joke) Can I just say these are so unbelievably comfortable i may just sleep in them.




Crystal Rose

I call this look momma crystal rose look. Its has everything I love. A floral bed jacket. A hippie printed scarf. A lace little black dress. Crystals & a bib of silver bohemian style necklaces.  This look alternates between 50-year-old chain-smoking interpretative dance instructor to minus the stockings Coachella. And I love the mixture.


The pyjama top/jacket is a new item in that I picked up for €4.00 at the second-hand shop.  I am loving the night wear look all day at the moment.


Second hand shopping is a great way to try out a new trend without breaking the bank before you decide you are into it. A couple of bucks can go a long way in updating a look super easy.


The scarf is also vintage but I have owned it for a long while.  I seem to dig it every spring and let it have a moment.


Necklaces are an assortment of an old tree of life coin necklace I purchased well over 10 years ago. I miss that store. A forever21 cheapie and my homemade crystal on a silver chain. I can’t stop layering necklaces even if they are bigger type pieces.


And lastly the ring is homemade by myself. You can read all about here


What Do You Think About Pink?

I am usually not a fan of pink clothes. It’s always seemed to girly and junior for me. But pink fashion is everywhere. On the trees and now even on me. It is so funny how a trend can make you look at something you thought you didn’t like. Then it’s been updated. Or reworked, styled differently and all of a sudden you are on the pink train pulling into pink station. I may have just defined a fashion victim. But all style should evolve and leave some leeway for interpretation. Or maybe I have spring fever.


I started by saying I will abide a dusty pink. A muted rose. More taupe than pink. Then all of a sudden I am eyeing and lusting after hot and bubblegum pinks like a 5-year-old Disney princess.


I love how this photo is blurry. Because life is blurry and so was my aversion to the color pink.

Rediscovering Old Outfits

I am not a hoarder except when it comes to clothes. I consider them my children. The thing I spend most my money on. And which brings me much more joy than is probably healthy.  And I tend not to get rid of many clothes unless they are damaged or way too small than I will ever be again.


The great thing about hoarding clothes is to rediscover a piece that has been lying dormant for a year or two and bring it back to life.  Like this old dress I bought on a whim at Zara eons ago.


I think originally I wore it once or twice. Then it had a turn at being a pyjama item. And then I forgot completely about it. And dug it out a few days ago, and was like “where have you been hiding?” & decided ” I like you again. Lets be friends”


There is nothing better than rediscovering an old item and making or styling  it new. Your wardrobe seems like it could have endless possibilities instead of moaning you have nothing to wear. Its great on the wallet. And good for the environment and stifling your inner consumerist too.

Pinterest is a great tool for gathering inspiration on how to update an old item.  Or style something a bit differently and give an old outfit a new life. Check out my board here old outfits new. And happy pinning!

Winter Gypsy Style

I turned around and it was December. Where did the year go? 2016 and I havent gotten along too great so I am happy to be at the tail end of this year. December is one of the busiest social times of the year. There is Christmas parties, office parties, client parties, friends parties, friends of friends parties & family events.


So every December to get myself in a festive spirit I choose and buy a new dress for the upcoming occasions. The perfect party season dress – here in Vienna needs to be warm. A little bit dressy but not too dressy. Can transition from day into night. And most of all makes you feel awesome. I picked up this floral maxi dress last week after eyeballing it for a little while & imagining if it would fit into my wardrobe.


Now floral maxi dress does not usually scream northern hemisphere christmas party dress. But this dress had a winter gypsy feel. The black & white contrast nicely. It also has a high frill neckline and is lined underneath. Worn with layers like a shaggy vest, a leather jacket / vest or a long line cardigan.  Makes for a perfect winter maxi dress. Perfect for drinking cocktails.


There is something so nice about wearing something so flowy in december. It almost makes you forget it’s winter. Especially if you are indoors & tucked into a corner of a nice bar or restaurant.  I am loving this look so much. One pinterst board “gypsy winter hippie” and hours of my life wasted later -some inspiration.


pictures via pinterest