Outfit: Classic Tomboy

Hey, this is officially my first sweatshirt below.  I’ve never been a sweatshirt kind of girl. I don’t do sporty spice. I couldn’t even bring myself to step a toe into the whole athleisure trend. As far as leisure wear I am a complete pyjama wearer. But after 3 months of apartment changing, renovating and winter I thought id give the sweatshirt a go. And boy I am glad i did.


Think comfort. Warmth, Softness. Usually in winter I prefer to wear chunky knits. But they can become super bulky and too hot indoors.


This sweatshirt takes me from the bed straight to the street. Minus the blazer.


Did I mention these shoes….. My only pair. I am sooo sick of them. I CANNOT wait to open my shoe box out of storage and then I think I will burn these boots. I have been trying to hold off buying a new pair just to see how long I can live with 1 pair of shoes. 3 months i think is my maximum.


Heres hoping for a great week.


Outfit: Winter Blues

It’s starting to get mighty chilly in Vienna this week. And knowing that there is only more coldness to come I decided to wear the last of a late summer outfit while I still could.


A simple shirt & jeans and a dirty pair of converse would usually be a late summer fall outfit but by adding a coat, a wool scarf and a cosy vest singlet underneath I managed to stay a toasty warm and avoid another sweater. Because sweater after sweater day after day can be so boring and claustrophobic for someone who likes a little variety and lightness in their clothes.


How about these converse. Too dirty? Or just dirty enough? Did I mention that 90% of my closet is in storage. And in a fit of trying to pack light I decided to 2 pair of shoes would be enough for what will be  now till the end of the year. And all my winter boots & shoes are in a box under a pile of probably 20 other boxes. 2 pairs of light type shoes in November & now December? What was I thinking?




Outfit: Fall Slip Dress

Last week we had some beautiful sunny warm fall days and I took maximum advantage to wear as many skirts and dresses as I could. I like the challenge of wearing something summery & wintery at the same time minus all the layers usually involved.


I bought this plain shift dress mid summer as an impulse buy & never ended up wearing it.  It looked too naked for me until this week when I could add a coat and a pair of boots to the equation. I loved the contradiction of wearing something light with something heavy.Image3.jpg

It’s also a great way to wear a 90’s style slip dress without feeling too exposed.


Lets keep our fingers crossed for many more sunny fall days full of skirts and slip dresses.

Classic Summer Style

Sometimes simple is best. Nothing beats a crisp shirt, distressed denim and a pair of converse for an everyday casual but still classy look. Perfect for strolling around on Sundays when I took these great pictures by Belvedere castle in my district of Vienna.

belevedere 5.jpgbelvedere1belvedere3

I am in love with gold jewelry for Summer. It is my favorite precious metal mostly because it suits my skin tone better than silver, rose or white gold.



My Converse have officially reached the perfect desirable lived in level. I give them one more season maybe until they just turn gross and gritty.


Great thing about this outfit is that the shirt & shorts were all purchased 2nd hand for under €10 The shirt was actually found in the mens section which is always a good place to look for shirts that aren’t too fitted and girly. I like to shock people when they compliment me on an outfit by saying how little the whole look costed. Kind of a reverse bragging. Proving sometimes it’s not about what you spend but how you put things together and wear them.


My Heart Is With The Sea

Nothing makes me feel more like myself than the sea. And what an ocean it was on my vacation to Hvar Croatia. Being Australian I am used to beautiful beaches and clear waters but nothing I had ever seen before compared to the Adriatic coast line. The water was the most beautiful blue and the green it felt like swimming in a giant swimming pool.



I ordered this dress online a few months ago from Asos and was saving it for my vacation. Great thing is its on SALE right now!!!!! It is such a pretty swimsuit cover up i felt like a mermaid who was getting married.  The white swimsuit is also from Asos and I highly recommend it for any large bust gals looking for a white swimsuit this season.


I truly fell in love with Croatia and can’t wait to go back next Summer.

Dress here

Swimsuit here