Simple Stripes

I have been AWOL for a while caught up in the whirl of end of summer which means trying to cram in every last outdoor thing I can think of. Which includes strolls around the back streets of the city and eating a lot of frozen yogurt.


This is the easiest outfit ever. Simple stripes in some major OVERSIZED mens shirt I picked up from a secondhand shopping spree i wrote about here.


Cool, easy and super comfortable paired with my favorite Birkenstocks and some basic gold jewelry.


This shirt also doubles well as pajamas which is an awesome perk. Or a swimsuit cover up or a knotted shirt. It’s the shirt that keeps on giving.


Fingers crossed y’all for an Indian Summer.


Keeping It Easy

Some days you want to keep it simple. Basic white tee and some denim shorts. Casual, cool & easy for a day of running errands. But to keep things from getting boring I have lately been adding a vintage scarves into the mix. Vintage scarves are the best way to spice up an everyday outfit and inject some individuality into your look.


There are many ways to rock a scarf. On your head. Tied to your bag. On your wrist. Scarves can a belt and lastly around your neck.


The coolest thing is that vintage scarves are basically free. I managed to grab a great collection of silk vintage print scarves from my mother in law the other day. So go ahead and raid your mothers or grandmothers closet. I am adoring anything with a nautical print and bright colours.



Just Peachy

Summer is finally here and I am feeling just peachy.  Vienna is almost a whole different city in Summer. It;s like the whole city collectively comes outside again to enjoy the open air and parks and plazas.

prachy final.jpg

So I grabbed the prefect loose dress for a 30 degree day to stroll around town and eat ice cream. This peachy dress is Mango from a few seasons ago, but I think its pretty timeless.

IMG_8407 copy.jpg

It has the prettiest shoulder embroidery and I am obsessed with this muted peachy orangey pink pallete lately. It’s also loose and forgiving for maximum ice cream consumption.

peachy copy

Also new in finally are my new favourite summer sandals. The Arizona Birkenstocks in metallic copper.  I am a Birkenstocks girl from way back when and love to wear them in an ageing hippie ironic way. I also have a very delicate foot from years of high heels in my hooker days ( thats a joke) Can I just say these are so unbelievably comfortable i may just sleep in them.



In Bloom

I have been so happy lately. The weather is finally warm. The sun is shining. I am wearing sandals and shorts. And all my winter blues have been blown away.



I am still obsessed with slips and cami as outerwear and have been wearing this top both to bed and out and about. What I adore about warmer weather is just waking up brushing my teeth and rolling outdoors. And just strolling around.


I love the delicate lace om this top and plan on filling out my closet with a few more. So easy and light.




Crystal Rose

I call this look momma crystal rose look. Its has everything I love. A floral bed jacket. A hippie printed scarf. A lace little black dress. Crystals & a bib of silver bohemian style necklaces.  This look alternates between 50-year-old chain-smoking interpretative dance instructor to minus the stockings Coachella. And I love the mixture.


The pyjama top/jacket is a new item in that I picked up for €4.00 at the second-hand shop.  I am loving the night wear look all day at the moment.


Second hand shopping is a great way to try out a new trend without breaking the bank before you decide you are into it. A couple of bucks can go a long way in updating a look super easy.


The scarf is also vintage but I have owned it for a long while.  I seem to dig it every spring and let it have a moment.


Necklaces are an assortment of an old tree of life coin necklace I purchased well over 10 years ago. I miss that store. A forever21 cheapie and my homemade crystal on a silver chain. I can’t stop layering necklaces even if they are bigger type pieces.


And lastly the ring is homemade by myself. You can read all about here