New Year Revelations

Actually I lied. I have had zero revelations. I just hate the idea of new years resolutions.

Sorry I have MIA for ages. We are going into our 3rd month of renovations with 90% off my clothes in storage and one pair of winter boots I have been all out of inspiration. We have been living in multiple Air BNB’s for the last 3 months. Between demolition and trips to hardware stores and Christmas life has been very hectic.

We did manage to throw an awesome NYE bash this year with beautiful views over the city and great friends. New years Eve has always been important to me. I believe stupidly that it will set the tone for the following year. I love the idea of new beginnings. I actually performed a sage ceremony for all my guests. In an effort to clear away negative energy and cleanse for the new year ahead.

Like I said I am not one for resolutions but I do want to kind of try to be a better person. Bad habits are kind of my middle name, but here is 5 things I would like to kind of try to get better at. #supercommited


  1. I am turning mother freakin 40 this year and the thought in general is so crazy to me because I don’t feel like adult pretty much every day of my life. I have no desire to grow up – so we can cross that off the list. What I do want to do is to embrace ageing and the beauty of  getting older. Instead of googling botox I would like to like my wrinkles and lines on my face of a well-loved life. I want to look wiser and earthier and embrace getting older instead of freaking out and wanting to skin a 20 year old.

  2.  I want to slay dragons. I want to face more of my fears in life instead of practising my usual total avoidance. I would like to feel fearless and proud of myself much more. I want to empower myself. With baby steps of course.

  3.  Exercise. This is such a New Year cliché but if you have ever met me I am super undisciplined. I hate cardio soooo much. In fact I hate all kinds of intentional exercise. But I also hate not fitting into my jeans but not as much as i hate exercise. With my health anxiety I have a complicated attitude towards my body. I think my body can turn on me in any second and what I do want to change is to start taking control of my body and loving it and taking care of it. Mastering it. Making my body work for me and not against me both physically and mentally.

  4. Be more positive. I can be very catastrophic and dramatic. I anticipate natural disaster and zombie apocalypses. I worry too much. It’s so much easier for me to see the worst case scenario before I allow myself to think just maybe it may just all work out incredibly. I guess psychologically it’s perhaps a self protective mechanism, But positivity feels way better than negativity. I am all about those vibes and I want me some good not bad ones.

  5. Practise some radical self-love. I am not sure what that looks like. Or even what that fully means, I think maybe I have to get naked and run through a forest. But I am down for that too.

Wish me a world full of luck. I maybe probably 100% need it.


Outfit: Winter Blues

It’s starting to get mighty chilly in Vienna this week. And knowing that there is only more coldness to come I decided to wear the last of a late summer outfit while I still could.


A simple shirt & jeans and a dirty pair of converse would usually be a late summer fall outfit but by adding a coat, a wool scarf and a cosy vest singlet underneath I managed to stay a toasty warm and avoid another sweater. Because sweater after sweater day after day can be so boring and claustrophobic for someone who likes a little variety and lightness in their clothes.


How about these converse. Too dirty? Or just dirty enough? Did I mention that 90% of my closet is in storage. And in a fit of trying to pack light I decided to 2 pair of shoes would be enough for what will be  now till the end of the year. And all my winter boots & shoes are in a box under a pile of probably 20 other boxes. 2 pairs of light type shoes in November & now December? What was I thinking?




Everyday Essentials

My everyday essentials. Things I could live without but really don’t want to. All things I never leave the house without. My go to everyday must haves before I leave my house and start my day.

essentials1.jpgNarciso Rodriguez For Her Perfume. I have tried many scents  in my lifetime and this perfume always stays my favorite. It’s an elegant and delicate fragrance filled with musk,floral, amber and woody notes. I never leave home without a mist of this.

Wrist Watch.  Up until the last few years I never wore a watch. And now its something I feel naked without. I like oversized masculine type watches. And am always looking to add to my collection.

Nail Polish.  I never not have my nails polished. Except maybe a few weeks in summer to give them a vacation of their own. I lean towards either neutral tones as above in Summer/Spring. And dark reds, blacks, navy’s & burgundy in Fall Winter. I love painted nails and nail polish.


Sunglasses. I wear sunglasses everyday even when it’s raining. It’s a habit from Australia. And i just think the world looks better in shade. I don’t wear make up everyday so sunglasses are great cover up. My signature is the Ray Ban aviator and has been for years. But i pretty much like all sunglasses and couldn’t live without sunglasses.

Dark Lipstick. This is a new essential for me. I never used to like lipstick but I think I have reached that sweet spot age wise were lipstick looks great. It adds a bit of drama and makes you feel polished and ready to take on the world.

Jewelery.  My everyday jewelry is my 2 engagement rings (don’t ask). I wear them everyday except when I am mad at my partner and punish him. Even though he doesn’t really notice. And my new half-moon gold necklace I got this year from Christmas. The rest of my jewelry is interchangeable but these are my everyday essentials.

Concealer. I suffer from dark eye circles and don’t often leave the house without a small amount of concealer concealing.

Phone. Because it’s just the way it is. I hate when I forget my phone at home. It makes me panicky.

Getting S#*t Done

One of my many New Years resolutions for 2017 was getting organised. I am hyper organised in some areas and hyper not organised in others. I work from home so it’s so easy for me to become distracted. I will be half working, half doing laundry and half-dressed most of the time. The best investment I made to help me get organised is a simple diary.


We can have all the technology in the world. I have my iPhone calendars synched and many organised apps. But there is nothing like a handwritten list each day to keep me focused and remembering.

Everyday I write a master list of things to do. Things that need doing. Long term goals. Daily chores, ongoing projects. As I go about my day I satisfying cross them off or unsatisfying add something more I have forgotten. And at the end of each day I write a new list for the following day carrying over the things i didn’t achieve that day into the next day. It’s a great way to force you to tackle the things you have been putting off and avoiding.


I also jot down any appointments, notes, etc that I need. I even started carrying it in my handbag. So I am all about the humble diary at the moment. I picked up this inexpensive red diary but already managed to crack the spine. So I am in the market for something new. Shop my top picks below.


1.Kate Spade 2017 Dot Diary       

2. BlackList Desk Diary                 

 3. I Am Very Busy Diary       

4. Kate Spade Pink Diary   

5. Smythson Panana Diary             

6. Make It Happen Diary

Patch Jeans Vol II

My patch game is getting stronger & stronger. And it makes me happier. Each new patch is like an antidepressant. Or a ray of sunshine. I added some new patches to my patch Jeans project last seen here. And I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.




Such a fun way to update old jeans and an everyday outfit. I used iron on patches but also had to hand sew a few on as they kept coming loose.


I think my favourite is the pink iced donut. And the little monster guy. Worn with a bright orange shaded lipstick  & sequin heels this outfit is the perfect anecdote for a miserable cold and grey February.


I have a few more patch projects up my sleeve.  So keep tuned for more patch fun here soon.