Summer Dress

I picked up this Zara dress at the start of Summer and it quickly became my favourite thing to wear on those hot days & summer evenings. It’s so loose and blowy and translates easily from day to casual night.


Each season there always seems to be an item of clothing for me that sets the tone and becomes a reminder piece of that summer or that spring. Like a song you listened a lot to. It’s funny how clothes can have that power to remind you of a good time or a bad time. Like the dress you wore to a wedding. Or the swimsuit you bought for a certain vacation. The dress you wore on your birthday. Those key pieces of clothing i always try to keep from seasons past as a memento. This dress was this summer for me.


With the end of summer slowly creeping in its always good to have a reminder. Its been a great few months of sunshine, swimming, beer drinking, good friends, weddings & vacations. And next week I am off to Malta for a week as a summer extender. I cant wait to swim in the ocean.


So not saying goodbye to Summer yet just preparing to remember it already.



I Am With The Band

When I was a toddler I had the nickname KISSY. Not because I was overly affectionate child but because my favourite t-shirt I wouldn’t take off was a pink glitter 80’s KISS band t-shirt. I LOVED that shirt. And my love of retro band t-shirts has been with me ever since.


As the weather starts to cool the first thing on my Fall wish list is retro band t-shirts. Styled with shorts. Jeans or leather skirts. In summer I seem to style more folk festival inspired but as the weather cools I like my style a little more rock n roll.

So I have gathered some amazing inspiration.



Pink Floyd                                Metallica                                 Rolling Stones


band tshirts2.jpg

Pink Floyd                                     Rolling Stones                                  Blondie


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Stripe Shirt 3 Ways

I picked this shirt up for €3 which I wrote about here.  It has been the best summer find of the season so far. Once was an old very large XXL mens shirt has been a welcome addition. Because it is so versatile and can be worn so many ways. One shirt can create 3 different looks.

A dress. A swimsuit cover up & lastly an oversized boyfriends shirt.


Probably my favorite look below is as an oversized shirt tied at waist with denim shorts. Roll up those sleeves. Perfect for an everyday summery look.


Worn as a dress for some city strolling. It is a perfectly loose shape for even the hottest day. Although proportion wise its extremely oversized and wide the vertical stripes actually elongate the body and hide a burrito belly quite well.


Thirdly this second-hand mans shirt works as the perfect swimsuit cover up for poolside or beachside. Just throw it over your swimsuit accessorize with some sandals or slides and add a mojito.

stripes4 copy

Lastly add-on some of your favorite summer accessories and you are ready to go.

stripes2 copy

You don’t have to spend a truckload of money to update your existing wardrobe or add a new piece. It’s all about being creative and thinking and wearing things outside the box.

C’mon That’s 3 looks for €3. Which adds up to 1 dollar a look. Which is cheaper than a cheeseburger!

Golden Summer

I have been feeling so relaxed lately. Something about the sun streaming through open windows and the city just slowing down. I am at peace. It reminds me of home, my childhood and I just feel more like myself. I even look more like myself. And the sunsets lately have been mind-blowing.


This look is a combo of these 3 looks I have worn before. Here,  here & here.  All just styled with a bit more summer in mind. It is not always about adding a new piece of clothing but adopting what you already have and coming up with a killer combo.


These shoes have been in hiding over sandals and sneakers lately so I have to keep on reminding myself of them because I wanted a summer boot to alternate with.


Top available here. Shorts similar here. Boots here

In Bloom

I have been so happy lately. The weather is finally warm. The sun is shining. I am wearing sandals and shorts. And all my winter blues have been blown away.



I am still obsessed with slips and cami as outerwear and have been wearing this top both to bed and out and about. What I adore about warmer weather is just waking up brushing my teeth and rolling outdoors. And just strolling around.


I love the delicate lace om this top and plan on filling out my closet with a few more. So easy and light.